Hardee's of OTAC

At OTAC we operate our Hardee’s restaurants with an insistence on premium service. Our “Serious About Service” culture is derived from assuring that our guests receive the highest quality food, quickly, in a sparkling environment. Yeah yeah, we know, not a real creative or fancy title for a way of being. Now our commercials are creative, our food is creative and our look is creative, but there is no need to get crazy creative and fancy when it comes to service. We don’t create fancy service titles and then try and create a culture around it… we are who we are, we believe what we believe and we call it what it is. We’re “Serious About Service” and we pay “Specific Attention” to each and every guest, so whether you expect anything from us or everything from us, we intend on being the best restaurant in the neighborhood.

Did you know we have real Bakers during breakfast… every morning! There’s nothing fresh about frozen biscuits; no frozen biscuits here at Hardee’s, never ever, in no way. We start out each day… hours before the sun rises, serving our award winning breakfast menu. Anchored by our “Made from Scratch” biscuits… our Bakers mix, hand roll and carefully cut each breakfast biscuit every morning, for every guest. Baked Croissants, Texas Toast and Sourdough Bread are toasted at over 500 degrees every morning to make sure every breakfast sandwich is as fresh, as the morning is new. Those guests opting for a breakfast meal that requires using more than just their paws… no other restaurant can match our Hot Low-Carb Breakfast Bowls, Big Breakfast Platters or capture the southern taste of our signature Biscuits and Gravy Platter. Check out our menu for more rise and shine options to start your day.

“It’s noon somewhere”! And when that clock strikes noon in our Hardee’s restaurants… we are delivering the highest quality lunch/dinner menu in the neighborhood. With our “cooked to order”, char-broiled 100% Black Angus Beef THICKburgers and other exciting selections being made “fresh to order”, including the neighborhood’s best Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders. “Freshly Prepared” Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders. Premium, all-white meat chicken hand-dipped in buttermilk, lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown. Proudly served with our home-style sauces; honey mustard, creamy buffalo, buttermilk ranch, and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce. Is it any wonder we take such great pride in our “table service” delivery and hospitality? Check out our menu for more awesome selections.

We cater. Really, check out our Catering Section on the “reader board”. It’s just too easy, tailgating, golf outings, office meetings, holiday parties.

Complementing our amazing menu contributions is alternative menu choices, such as Low- Carb, Gluten Sensitive and heck we can make any produce into a vegetarian delight. Please visit www.hardees.com for coupons, promotions, videos and other cool bits and pieces of the who we are.

Our overall mission is to serve our guests the highest quality menu, while delivering quick service in a sparkling clean environment. An environment which hosts diversity, civic responsibility, supports personal and professional development while achieving all business objectives.